A PVC 60 mil reinforced membrane is the best possible solution for lining the interior finish of damaged or leaking pools. A durable interior finish for replacing a vinyl liner with a much longer lasting and stronger material. 
It’s super thick design will assure the durability requirements. Your pets can swim and you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing the pool will be puncture free! Skid resistant textured finish for steps too!
Commercial or residential concrete, vinyl or fiberglass pools may leak, be cracked, pitted and rough. Renovating these pool structures with a PVC reinforced 60 mil membrane can provide decades of durable trouble-free leak-free service.  

1 PVC | 2 Polyester Reinforcement


The PVC 60 mil thickness membrane lining is cut and welded on site to ensure the coating is completely water tight, attractive and long lasting. It’s easily repaired as well. It’s a perfect solution to make vinyl liner pools puncture and leak resistant with a much longer lasting life expectancy. Get more longevity with a PVC Membrane! 30 to 40 years or even more!

No more replacement vinyl liners!
Choose from a wide selection of colors and textures! The membrane will provide a higher end quality firm-fitting look as well!
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