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Exclusive Trademarks and Features

  • AquaTerra™ (naturalistic pools)
  • Aqua Savers™ (pool care publications)
  • Aqua Care™ (membership savings on all supplies)  
  • Skim Fast™ (superior surface skimming systems)
  • Complete Clean™ (dual safety main drain system meeting the Virginia Graeme Baker Safety Act)
  • Efficient Flow™ (fine filtration equipment) 
    The Efficient Flow™ 50/20 Filtration System Eliminates In-season Cleaning
    Advantages: Ultra capacity filtration, cellular media design allows for dirt-loading capacities in excess of 50 times more than other types of filters like diatomaceous earth or sand.
    All plumbing is 2″ to 2 1/2″. Design allows for rinse-in-place cleaning. The tank top is removed in seconds and the cellular media can be cleaned with ease. Includes our special Energy Eaze extra heavy-duty motor, operates with less electricity. In fact, 12.5% less.

    Benefits: Backwashing is eliminated. Filter cleaning can be done in minutes. Hazardous filter powder is not needed, protecting your safety and saving you money. Improved energy efficiency translates to a savings of approxiamtely $420 to $640 over the life cycle of the pump and motor.
    The Efficient Flow™ Energy Eaze™ Filtration System Practically Eliminates Labor Time, Saves Up To 20% In Operational Costs And Provides Maximum Water Clarity.

    Fine Filtration — Available Exclusively from Hohne Pools.

  • Energy Eaze™ (high efficiency heaters & pumps) 
    The Energy Eaze™ 89/520 Quick Heating & Recovery System
    Reduces Heat-up Time By 50% While Reducing Fuel Costs Up To 75%
    Advantages:  All underground return plumbing lines are insulated with 1/2″ thick Rubitex™ heat keeping shrouding. Exclusive PosiVent™ power fan blower creates and maintains 89% or 520% efficiency, year after year … in fact, the heater will not even run unless it is operating at a full 89% or 520% efficiency.
    Comparable gas heaters start with as low as 78% efficiency and then lose efficiency and BTU output immediately, because they run without a power fan blower. Up to 50% efficiency loss and as low as 39% overall efficiency is common to other heaters operating less than 3 years.

    Saves hundreds of dollars in heating costs. Up to 75% the first year and more year after year.
    Example: 512 square foot pool – annual heating cost maintaining 82 degrees April 15 through October 15 on a 3 year old heater, with micro-computer controlled Energy Eaze”! is up to $256.08. The competition is up to $2,055.20.
    Reduces initial heat-up and heat recovery time by up to 50%.
    Your pool is heated at the desired temperature more often while saving money.

    The Energy Eaze™ 89/520 quick heating and recovery systems reduces heat-up time by 50% while reducing fuel costs up to 75%.