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Home owners know their pools need work, but they don’t know where to start. Remodeling a swimming pool may not necessarily depend with the physical outlook but preventing further damage, making the pool shallower or just to improve the style of the pool to meet latest backyard landscaping designs. Seeking experts like Honhe Pools ensures that they give your pool a new life while saving your expenses.

Renovating a pool is just like a house make over so it should be unique to your specifications. 

Pool renovation 

Long-hour soaks in the pools leaves us refreshed both body and mind that’s why when having a makeover the results should be satisfactory and achievable. Pools also complement outdoor parties hosted around the pool area. Having a poorly designed pool can be displeasing and that’s why one needs to have a wider knowledge on renovating pools or they can just hire exerts to renovate their swimming pools.         

Bel Air Maryland Hohne Pool Builder

Time to Renovate

There are hundreds of reasons why to renovate a swimming pool but sooner or later each pool will need a makeover whether major or minor. 


The capacity of a pool to hold water is a major cry to renovate a pool. Simple examination can be done to test the water retention capability. Use a bucket full of water then suspend it in the pool, mark the outer walls or the pool too. Check the set after 24hours and determine whether evaporation or plumbing issues that is causing decrease is water level. 

Last renovation

Old mechanical systems require periodic replacement to improve their functionality. Pool installed years ago is definitely out of trend and needs to be brought to contemporary standards. The tiles, deck lighting may cease to work due to being worn out. 

Personal touch

Sometimes personal drive may lead to renovation. Improving the aesthetic look, increase absence and accommodation may lead to renovation   

Places Frequently Renovated 

Renovating the pool requires a few adjustments and putting extra detail to some areas brings a satisfactory result. 

The shape

Increase in landscape designs leads to creative innovations outside the box. Architectural designs and trying newer shapes can make the pool to be very attractive. 


Floor tiles are no small feat to find that’s why seeking a professional will make the process simpler. An expert in pool remodeling ensures one has a variety in color, designs and sizes to choose from. Durable and nonslip, frost-proof and U V proof. 


White plaster finishes have been the designs since people were designing pools since they leave a clean, light blue appearance. Mixing cement with aggregate marble can provide a smooth pool plaster. 


Lighting can improve the general outlook of a pool especially at night that’s why lighting colors can be used. Brighter lighting can be used around the edges to avoid tripping into the pool. 


Remodeling a pool, one should not only focus on the walls and the floor but the surrounding landscape this can improve the result aesthetic look of the pool. Mixing different, materials and cement can leave a breath-taking view. 

Pool Maintenance and Equipment

Alongside the joy that comes with a remodeled swimming pool it comes with maintenance chores. Pool cleaning requires in investing in chemicals and tools which will lead to a rewarding experience. To ensure a pool gives you maximum services ensure regular cleaning with correct tools and chemicals. Regular routine of cleaning the pool ensures a chemical balance in terms pH and chlorine levels. 

Telescopic poles

These are fiberglass or aluminum made with holes at the end to allow a variety of extensions to be attached at the rear end; especially nets. 

Vacuum heads

This is the easiest way to clean a pool. A vacuum head is attached to a telescopic pole then a vacuum hole to the nozzles head. They are then lowered to the pool. Modern vacuum cleaners are fitted with brushes instead of wheels to clean vinyl lines pools. 

Tile brushes

Maintaining a pool ensures that the frequency of repair is reduced since brushing the tiles ensures the tiles look cleaner and stain-free. Pool cleaning brushes come in different sizes while others come in non-abrasive form. 

Pumice stones

Sometimes the brushes do not remove the stains that are why a light porous glassy lava stones known as pumice is used to remove the stains without leaving dents or discoloration. 

Leaf traps

This is canister that is attached at the rear end of the vacuum to trap debris and leaves before pool trash, it acts like a net but this is more effective for leaves , pebbles and debris.


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Benefits of Conducting Pool Remodeling Using a Professional


Pool remodeling ensures that a newer building standard to ensure safety to the owner and the immediate users. Adding more friendly features to the users ensures the pool is not only safe but consumer friendly. 

New features

Professionals recommend newer features and install them as per specifications. Newer features need to be installed by professions as they are the one who have trained to make the features work for the owner. New features include hot tub or spa. 

Landscape decoration

Pool finish was just plastering now mixing cement and marble or even granite requires professional for unique visual appeal. Remodeling a pool is not just the floor, plumbing are walls but the landscape too. 

Energy efficiency

Upgrading the plumbing, electrical ensures the water keeps running with little energy required. New speed pool pump reduce cost at a longer run with their energy efficiency.      Advantages of using professionals like Honhe pools. 


This one of the oldest companies in Maryland specialized in pool repair for homeowners, swim clubs hotels and school trusts. Once they are contacted they ensure they give free estimates. They are experienced from fiber glass to vinyl liner repair. Using professionals to renovate your pool ensures that the process runs smoothly without breakdown. Your pool is good as new with Honhe pools. 

Swimming pool parts tend to wear out and having them repaired is often overlooked. Pools can also be damaged by Mother Nature, rough usage or accidents and to restore their full performance and beauty you need a professional touch like the leading company in pool renovation in Maryland, Honhe pools.  Contact them for an estimate today!


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