Maryland Hot Tub and Spa Sales and Repair

Hohne Pools is famous for our swimming pools, but we also offer a full suite of hot tub and spa services. If you’ve always dreamed of installing a modern in-ground hot tub or spa, now is a great time to visit our hot tub showroom in Baltimore. More and more people are discovering the health and relaxation benefits of hot tubs and spas.

If you’re installing a hot tub or spa in Maryland, an in-ground unit is usually the easiest to climb into and is a smart choice if mobility is an issue. When choosing a hot tub or spa, consider how you intend to use it. Remember one size does not fit all, so ask about your options with a Hohne qualified spa expert.

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Hot Tub and Spa in Maryland

Spa and Hot Tub Maintenance

Proper maintenance of a hot tub or spa is essential for your health, as well as to preserve your investment. Different spas require different types of care, so consult with the pool and spa specialists at Hohne Pools for info on maintaining your spa or hot tub. Be sure to ask about our spa and hot tub maintenance plans.

If you have questions about your existing tub or spa, please give us a call. Sometimes simple improvements in your maintenance routine can make a huge difference. Here are some basic hot tub maintenance tips to keep in mind.

  • Test water on a weekly basis. If your spa is getting heavy use, more frequent testing may be needed. Ask a Hohne spa expert which testing kit works best for your tub.
  • Don’t let the water become stagnant. It’s a good idea to let the pump run. If you decide to turn the pump off to conserve energy, consider putting it on a timer, so the water never stays still for any extended time.
  • Clean and replace your filter as needed. Many problems can be avoided if you include checking and cleaning your filter as a part of your regular maintenance routine. If it seems to need frequent changing, check to make sure it’s not too small.
  • Give your spa a shock treatment. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about regular maintenance.

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Spa and Hot Tub Repairs

If your spa or hot tub is properly installed and maintained, you’ll reduce the risk of expensive spa and hot tub repair costs. If you suspect spa or hot tub damage, call our spa and hot tub repair department. Remember, the faster a problem with your spa can be identified and repaired the better.

We repair mechanical, electrical, and structural areas of tubs and spas. We have access to modern, energy-efficient spa and hot tub parts and can repair hot tubs from most major manufacturers.