Professional Spa, Hot Tub and Therapy Pool Maintenance, Equipment Repair and Custom Thermal Hard Covers

Proper maintenance of a hot tub or spa is essential for your health, as well as to preserve your investment. If you have questions about your existing tub or spa, please give us a call. Sometimes simple improvements in your maintenance routine can make a huge difference.

Here are some basic hot tub maintenance tips to keep in mind. Be sure to ask about our spa and hot tub maintenance plans.

  • Test water on a weekly basis. If your spa is getting heavy use, more frequent testing may be needed. Ask a Hohne spa expert which testing kit works best for your tub.
  • Don’t let the water become stagnant. It’s a good idea to let the pump run. If you decide to turn the pump off to conserve energy, consider putting it on a timer, or be sure how to program it so the water never stays still for any extended time.
  • Clean and replace your filter as needed. Many problems can be avoided if you include checking and cleaning your filter as a part of your regular maintenance routine. If it seems to need frequent changing, at may need replacement.
  • Give your spa a shock treatment. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about water chemistry and regular maintenance.

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Replacement Custom Thermal Hard Covers for any Spa, Hot Tub or Therapy Pool

Most hard covers are up to 96” – $575. Larger covers by quote. 

We make hard covers for portable spas, hot tubs and concrete or fiberglass inground spas.

Standard features-

  • 4” – 2-1/2” Taper
  • Standard Heat Seal Gaskets
  • Top Stitching 
  • Four Release/Lock Hardware Connections
  • Top Vinyl (1500 U.V. Hours, Mildew Treated, Marine-Grade)
  • Bottom Vinyl (11 Ounce Reinforced Weft, Mildew Treated)
  • Three Panel Skirt Design
  • Two Handles
  • ASTM Standards for Safety 


  • 6″ – 4″ Taper – $100.  
  • Foam Density of 2lbs. – $50. 
  • Continuous Center Seal – $30.
  • Double Wrap Foam Core – $30.
  • Weather-Shield Fabric – $75.
  • Straps with metal grommets and deck anchor kit – $125.

We offer the highest quality most durable covers on the market today!

Click here for beautiful new color selections. See our new Weather Sheild fabric verse standard vinyl!

WeatherShield fabric is a 100% solution-dyed polyester that’s light-weight, extremely durable, environmentally superior and does not absorb water. ​ Other benefits include: ​

  • Reduces overall cover weight by 25%
  • 3x stronger than traditional vinyl
  • Provides superior tear and abrasion resistance
  • Made with recyclable materials so it’s environmentally superior​

Spring or Fall Start-Up and Luxury Weekly Professional Maintenance Services

Start-Up, Cleaning, Inspection and Operation Check Package

For the ultimate in hot tub care, choose our Spatek® Complete Spa Service.

Spring or Fall Start-up $695.00

  • We perform a complete plumbing circulation system flush
  • Clean and degrease all filter cartridge elements
  • Empty, deep clean, wet vacuum and rinse hot tub shell and filter chamber
  • Inspect & clean jets & pillows, inspect pumps, blowers & other components
  • Check all pumps for noise and leaks, check heater operation
  • Check ozonator, clean and descale, if needed
  • Inspect plumbing leaks, tighten unions, inspect & replace seals if needed
  • Prime pumps and replace seals if needed
  • Refill with with hose and balance water
  • Clean, inspect cover and treat with vinyl cleaner and protectant
  • Provide complete service inspection report with recommendations

Winterization – add $149.00

Luxury Spa Care Weekly Maintenance Packages

  • Total Care® Mini: Spatek® Start-up, 2 visits, with Xpert® Water Balance

999.** (Save $79.00 w/LOYALTY)

  • Total Care® Max: Spatek® Start-up, 5 visits, with Xpert® Water Balance

1,999. (Save $89.00 w/LOYALTY)

  • Total Care® Original: Spatek® Start-up, 8 visits, with Xpert® Water Balance

2,999. (Save $99.00 w/LOYALTY)

  • Total Care® Original: Spatek® Start-up, 15 visits, with Xpert® Water Balance

3,999. (Save $199.00 w/LOYALTY)

Xpert® Water Balance includes Total Alkalinity, pH, Calcium Hardness. We check for metals Metals and TDS as well.

Winterization – add $149.00 to any package

Hot Tub Maintenance Hohne Pools MD

Spa and Hot Tub Mechanical and Equipment Repairs

If your spa or hot tub is properly installed and maintained, you’ll reduce the risk of expensive spa and hot tub repair costs. If you suspect spa or hot tub damage, call our spa and hot tub repair department. Remember, the faster a problem with your spa can be identified and repaired the better. Our professional Spatek® factory-trained technicians work very efficiently saving you money!

We repair mechanical, electrical, and structural areas of tubs and spas. We have the latest, energy-efficient spa and hot tub parts and can repair hot tubs from most major manufacturers.

Spa, Hot Tub and Above Ground Pool Removal and Relocation Services

Our team will remove, relocate or dispose of your hot tub or spa in one day! We remove above ground pools and miscellaneous items too!  Equipment

  • Spa or hot tub removal and disposal 
  • Spa or hot tub relocation
  • Above ground pool disassemble and disposal

From $499. Please call for pricing. Thank you!