Spa and Hot Tub Maintenance Services

Hot tub maintenance can prolong the life of your spa or hot tub. We recommend a complete hot tub service twice a year to keep your spa or hot tub in peak condition.

Hohne Pools provides hot tub and spa maintenance in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Delaware and Washing, D.C. When you order hot tub maintenance service, we’ll schedule a time for our hot tub technicians to visit your home or business to perform the service you need.

Hot Tub Maintenance - Hot Tub Service Technicians - Baltimore

The Hohne Pools Complete Spa and Hot Tub Maintenance Package

For the ultimate in hot tub cleaning service, choose our Complete Hot Tub Service. The following items are included in this package:

  • Perform a complete system flush
  • Clean and degrease filter elements (Older filters may need replaced*)
  • Empty, deep clean, wet vacuum and rinse hot tub shell
  • Inspect and clean all jets and pillows
  • Inspect pump, blowers, and other components.
  • Check pumps for noise and leaks
  • Check ozonator. Clean and descale, if needed.
  • Inspect plumbing for leaks
  • Check heater and circulation pumps
  • Tighten all unions and inspect seals. Replace seals, if needed.
  • Prime pumps
  • Balance water (customer provides chemicals)
  • Clean and inspect cover and treat with vinyl protector
  • Provide service report and recommendations