Recent Projects: Constitution Park Pool Renovation in Cumberland, Maryland

Cumberland Pool Renovation

Project Summary:

Hohne Pool led a major municipal pool renovation in Cumberland, Md. This 12,800 sq. ft. pool is said to be the largest swimming pool in the state of Maryland.

Project Details:

For years, the Maryland Health Department had been urging the City of Cumberland to make improvements to bring the pool into compliance with health regulations. Members of the Cumberland Recreation Board made the pool renovation project their top priority.

Hohne Pools was awarded a contract to renovate the Cumberland pool. Enhancements included:

  • Replaced the old gutter with a stainless steel gutter
  • Installed a PVC membrane pool liner
  • Installed a bi-flow pool filtration system to handle more than 500,000 gallons of water
  • Installed new piping and plumbing
  • Built a zero-depth entry wading pool with a water feature

Interesting Notes:

  • The Constitution Park Pool is believed to be the largest swimming pool in the state of Maryland.
  • The park pool was initially constructed under Works Progress Administration, President Franklin Roosevelt’s initiative to employ Americans during the Depression. Constitution Park, including the pool, opened to the public on June 25, 1939.
  • Constitution Park got its name through a contest between school children.

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