PVC Membrane 60 Mil Pool Liners

For Concrete, Fiberglass, Aluminum and Steel Pools plus an Alternative to Vinyl Liners

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A polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membrane is the best solution for lining the interior finish of damaged or leaking swimming pools. 
Finishes of older commercial or residential concrete pools may leak, be cracked, pitted and rough. Fiberglass used in pool coatings are always prone to cracking, removing failing fiberglass in pools can be an expensive endeavor. It’s the perfect solution for aluminum and steel pools too.

A PVC membrane can be installed directly over your existing concrete, fiberglass, steel or aluminum pool providing a new worry-free surface.

The PVC 60 mil thickness membrane lining is cut and welded on site to ensure the coating is completely water tight, attractive and long lasting. It’s easily repaired as well.

1 PVC | 2 Polyester Reinforcement 

PVC Membrane Pool Liner Maryland

Hohne technicians are trained and skilled for the perfect membrane watertight fit.

Professional Installation 

Our professional installation crews create a custom fit for any pool. Its a perfect solution for unusual pools that plaster or vinyl liners are not right for. Unlike conventional linings, PVC 60 mil membrane liners can be virtually installed in almost all weather conditions. There can be less downtime for installation making it easy to renovate your swimming pool facility in record time and at lower cost.

Hohne Pools – Constitution Park in Cumberland, Maryland | Built in the 1930’s Hohne completely renovated this 550,000 gallon pool to include a PVC membrane.

Safe, Clean and Easy Care

PVC membranes slow the growth of algae and bacteria as well as making the pool cleaning easy and cost effective. With the PVC pool lining system, things like acid washing or other chemicals are not needed to clean your pool saving expensive operating costs.

The neutral PVC surface will not affect the water chemistry like coatings made from plaster, concrete or other surfaces. There is no start-up surface brushing or waiting to put the pool back in use. This will provide savings in start-up maintenance costs after the new finish is installed.

By creating a waterproof lining, the PVC membranes will reduce water lost through potential leakages as well as saving energy and chemical use.

Durable and Long Lasting

Super resistance to puncture and overall material degradation. Twenty-five to thirty years life expectancy with simple proper care is typical, possibly longer. 

Sundek with wide steps in Snapir Blue

Beautiful Architectural Designer Colors and Textures

There are a variety of beautiful colors and textures that can also be custom designed to suit your specific needs. A special black colored material is also available for racing lane and target marking, custom logos or other pool details.

Snapir Blue

Snapir Blue      Snapir Grey      Snapir Earth

Cool Sparks


Light Blue

Anti Slip

Navy Blue

Dark Grey

Light Grey



Stone Flex in Bazelet textured finish 

Stone Flex in Pearl textured finish

Stone Flex in Sand textured finish

All StoneFlex membranes are a higher grade material that is covered by 6 layers of protective acrylic coating and come with a 50% longer manufacturers material warranty. 

Is a PVC 60 Mil Membrane Pool Liner Better than a Metallic or Aluminum surface?

– When using PVC 60 mil membrane pool liners, the problems experienced on aluminum and other metal pools due to their galvanic corrosion are eliminated.

– Since PVC as a polymer is an good insulator unlike other metals, electrical currents on the body of water are prevented from getting into contact the metal walls.

– Aluminum as a metal, is rust resistant, but most of the time gets corroded and / or oxidized. When aluminum metal oxidizes, it can make the surfaces of the pool become rough or even cause holes. With PVC membrane pool liners, this is a problem of the past.

Hohne Pools – Constitution Park in Cumberland, Maryland | Includes a zero entry children’s wading pool with a high water volume mushroom water feature.

Interesting Facts About PVC Membrane Pool Liners

  • PVC is highly resistant to salts, acids, fats, bases, and alcohols, this makes it resistant to the side corrosive effects of swimming pool chemicals, this is why it is increasingly being extensively utilized.
  • The PVC as a polymer, is the world’s third most widely manufactured synthetic plastic polymer, after polypropylene and polyethylene.
  • PVC has high hardness properties that are very vital in preventing minor damages to pool walls.
  • As a thermoplastic plastic PVC as a polymer has a very good insulation property, this is because of its higher polar nature.

Hohne Pools – Sheraton Mid Town Baltimore, Maryland resurfaced with a light blue PVC membrane.

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