Saving money on pool care is important, but safety and comfort should come first!

The Salt Water Sanitizing Rage-

Since the cost of chlorine has risen so high, updating sanitizing and filtering methods can save a lot of money! 

Having a salt water pool equipped with a salt generator means your pool has the ability to make chlorine from salt. No more buying chlorine or shock! But, another advantage is the ease! The equipment does the measuring and dosing for you.

Your pool will not only be a dream to take care of, but safe and comfortable to swim in as well!

They’re not all the same.

Some salt systems have the electronic control together in the same housing as the flow-cell rather than separately. This means should it malfunction, you may have to replace BOTH parts costing you a lot more! 

The Hayward Salt Sanitizing Pro System AQR940 cell produces 25% more chlorine and has a four year warranty. Other brands such as Pentair, 25% less cell life and 1 year warranty. The Hayward AQR940 is clearly a better unit!

saltwater systems

Adding Ultra Violet Ozone- Adding an Ultra Violet Ozone (UVO) system with a salt generator can eliminate 99.9% of pathogens including the ones that chlorine do not kill.

People are traveling so much more spreading new stubborn bacteria and viruses through sweat, urine, feces, saliva and blood carrying micro-organisms that are emerging everyday.

As the world population increases and climate change with flooding occurs having the right sanitizing systems is crucial to your families safety. Our food comes from other countries; we are more connected than we realize. 

A saltwater system installed with a ozone ultra violet light system will be sure to make your pool as safe as possible for swimmers, incredibly comfortable and so much easier to care for and maintain!