Pool Opening Checklist

May is pool opening month for Maryland pool owners. Many homeowners circle Memorial Day weekend on their calendar as their pool opening date.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, this pool opening checklist from Hohne Pools will help you open your pool after winter.

Not everybody’s a DIY type, so if you need a pool opening service in Baltimore and surrounding counties, Hohne Pools can help. We provide pool opening services as well as on-going pool maintenance package to keep your pool clean and in shape throughout the summer.

Remove leaves, debris & water from the pool cover before removing cover. Remove the pool cover.
Check your pool liner for rips and tears. Make vinyl pool liner repairs, if necessary.
Brush and vacuum the pool liner. Empty debris from skimmer baskets.
Bring a quart of pool water to Hohne Pools for a complete water analysis. Speak with a Hohne representative about balancing pool chemicals.
Remove all plugs from pool suction lines and return lines.
Check the condition of pumps and filters. Replace pool filters, if necessary.
Hook up pump, filter and other pool equipment.
Re-attach deck equipment such as pool ladders, diving boards, etc.
Fill the pool to restore the water level to normal. Start the pump.
Run the pool pump & filter system for 24 hours. If your pool water is not clear after 24 hours, contact Hohne Pools.
Use an automatic pool cleaner or pool cleaning equipment to remove dirt and debris as needed.
Schedule a monthly pool maintenance contract.