The Latest Technologies in Pool Filtration, Sanitizing and Heating:

Hybrid Filtration Systems-

Keeping the swimming pool and spa water crystal clear and safe to swim in is so easy with the right knowledge and equipment.

The latest filters are a hybrid cartridge and diatomaceous earth (DE). The upgraded cartridge enables quick easy cleaning with less pleats than a typical cartridge filter while the DE gives the filtering ability of the finest particle size. The water has virtually no particulates to be seen, even with the underwater light!

Variable speed pumps can be a good choice when it comes to energy efficiency. Programmable, they can run at several different speeds, but keep in mind at lower speeds the automatic through-wall skimming system with the leave collection basket will not be as effective allowing leaves and debris to float on the surface, saturate with water then fall to the bottom. This will increase maintenance.

Pool filters keep your pool clean and clear by removing dirt, leaves, grass, and other impurities from your pool water. Hohne Pools has the pool filtration and sanitizing systems Maryland pool owners need to keep their water crystal clear with inground pool filter systems.

New Efficient Pumps-

The latest technology in filter pumps include variable speed motors. They’re programmable so the can operate at multiple speeds saving energy. They also “ramp up” slowly saving additional wear and tear on bearings and seals while reducing energy consumption.

But keep in mind, running at slower speeds can cause additional maintenance as the skimmers will not work as effectively. Also, they’re more expensive to buy upfront and, of course, more to go wrong, break and replace.

Saltwater and Ultraviolet Light Ozone (UVO) Sanitizing Systems-

Since the cost of chlorine has risen so high, updating sanitizing and filtering methods can save a lot of money! Even more important, since people are traveling so much more they are spreading new stubborn pathogens and viruses like the coronavirus through sweat, urine, feces, saliva and blood that carry new micro-organisms emerging everyday. As the world population increases and climate change with flooding occurs having the right sanitizing systems is crucial to your families safety. Our food comes from other countries; we are more connected than we realize.

Adding a salt generation system along with an Ultra Violet Ozone (UVO) system you can reduce chlorine expense to zero and keep everyone swimming safely. UVO can eliminate 99.9% of pathogens including the ones that chlorine do not kill. This means much safer water thats incredibly easier to maintain!
And by reducing the required chlorine residual level, the presence of ozone also extends the service life of the electrolytic cells used in saltwater chlorination, which are expensive. The Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) processes are so powerful they can oxidize non- organic materials such as dissolved metals (iron, copper, manganese, etc.) found in potable water, enabling their removal by filtration eliminating common metals staining.

Thinking of Warmer Water? Super Efficient Heating-

Pool heating doesn’t need to be expensive! It’s important to choose the right heater for your needs. While natural or propane gas heaters are perfect for spa and hot tub heating in the winter months or for indoor pools, they’re not always the best option. A heat pump will provide more heat with way less operational cost. If you have a pool without a spa that is used from Spring to Fall, then a heat pump is definitely the way to go! Maintain 82 degrees or more 24/7 for the whole month and not even notice the cost on your electric bill!

heat pump for pool

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Hohne Pools installs equipment from major manufacturers, including:

Don’t see your preferred brand listed here? Call us — we may be able to order it. We supply inground pool filters in several types, including sand filters, cartridge filters, and diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters.

Filter, Santitizing and Heating System Parts and Service-

Need pool filter, pump or salt generator parts? Need your heater serviced? We can help! Hohne Pools sells pool filtration parts for several brands and models. Call us at 410.668.1300 for parts orders and service. From pool filter cartridges to filter sand, let us help you find it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install swimming pool filters on existing pools, or just new pools?

Both! As one of Maryland’s top pool builders, we install pool filtration systems on new inground pools. We can also do pool filter installation on existing pools, including as part of a pool renovation.

Can I get a salt chlorination system added to my filter?

Yes. Hohne Pools installs Hayward AquaRite salt systems — a complete pool sanitizing system that uses ordinary salt. The Hayward AquaRite converts a small amount of salt into fresh, pure chlorine, which helps keep your pool water clean, clear and soft.

I need a replacement pool filter cartridge — can you help with that?

Yes. We supply filter cartridges for a range of cartridge filter brands. Please contact us to see if we can supply the specific filter you’re looking for.

What type of swimming pool filter should I install?

Swimming pool filtration systems come in three main types: Sand filters, D.E. filters and cartridge filters.

Sand pool filters use sand (surprise!) to trap tiny debris. The sand must then be backwashed to remove impurities. Sand filters can remove debris as small as 20 microns.

Cartridge element filters trap debris as small as 10 to 15 microns. Cartridge filters allow fewer clogs and easier maintenance than sand. They puts less pressure on the pump than sand, too, providing more flow and turnover. Cartridge filters can cleaned by simply hosing off the cartridge element off.

D.E. filters use the fossilized exoskeletons of tiny creatures called diatoms to trap debris as small as 2-5 microns. They provide the highest level of pool filtration.