Pool Heaters – Gas, Electric Heat Pump and Solar:

Pentair Pool Heaters




A heated pool provides comfortable swimming on the chilliest of mornings and the coolest of nights. In Maryland, a pool heater allows you to get more enjoyment out of your swimming pool by letting you open your pool sooner and keep it open later. A swimming pool heater also helps minimize pool heat loss during cool nights.

During Maryland’s hot summers, you need a pool heater that doesn’t overheat your pool, so choosing the right water heater for your pool is critical. Hohne Pools in Baltimore carries an extensive array of home pool heaters from AquaComfort®, RayPak®, Hayward®, Pentair® and more.

Pool Heater Brands and Products-

AquaComfort Pool Heaters

Featuring reliable digital technology, AquaComfort® heat pumps provide simple, precise control of your pool’s temperature. Drawing on more than 30 years of heat pump pool heater design experience, AquaComfort® heat pumps are built to last longer.

RayPak® Gas Heaters

With Raypak® pool and spa heaters, you’ll be able enjoy your pool or spa more often, more reliably and more efficiently year-round. Raypak® pool heaters give you dependability – and that means something for pool owners who want to swim in all seasons.

Lochinvar® EnergyRight Heaters™

Hohne Pools is your source for Lochinvar® EnergyRight Heaters™, a trusted name in pool heating technology. With pool heating systems capable of providing up to 400,000 Btu/hour, Lochinvar® EnergyRight Heaters™ provides fast heat-up, comfortable pool water temperature, trouble-free performance, and a service-free design for fast, easy maintenance.

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Hayward® Gas & Heat Pumps

The pool energy solutions from Hayward® are cost-efficient and money-saving solutions for pool owners. Hayward pool heat pumps are environmentally friendly and provide energy savings pool owners can appreciate. Hayward electric pool heaters are efficient and reliability.

Pentair® Gas & Heat Pumps

The energy-efficient and reliable heaters and heat pumps from Pentair® enhance your comfort in the pool and extend swim season for maximum pool enjoyment. Pentair® heaters installed by Hohne Pools deliver fast heat-up times, low operating costs, and long life. Attractive designs blend into any environment.

StaRite® Gas & Heat Pumps

With StaRite® gas & heat pumps heating your pool, you’ll swim from sun-up to sundown and from early spring to late fall in comfort. These pool heaters are exceptionally simple to operate, built for reliability and energy-efficient, too.

Installation is easy by the company pool owners trust and all of Maryland depends on: Hohne Pools.