In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many Maryland hot tub and pool owners find themselves dealing with damage. While pool and hot tub repairs may be secondary to other post-Sandy home repairs, repairing a hot tub or swimming pool and preventing further damage is key to protecting a major investment.

Here are some things to keep in mind if your pool or hot tub was damaged during Hurricane Sandy (or any other weather event):

  • If your pool was winterized prior to Hurricane Sandy, consider a pool inspection. Water levels may have risen or fallen in your pool, pool covers may have blown out of place, and debris may have punctured your pool lining or pool cover.
  • Check to make sure pool and hot tub covers have not been damaged or gone missing. A damaged pool cover is an insufficient barrier to entry and may pose an entrapment risk. A missing pool cover leaves your pool dangerously unprotected.
  • Check for standing water in your pool or hot tub. If you don’t clean up standing water now, you may forget about it by spring, when it will become a breeding place for mosquitoes that carry West Nile Virus and other threats to public health.

If you need emergency pool repair services or hot tub repair services in Maryland, contact us via our contact form today.