Hohne Pools, founded in 1954, led the way in swimming pool building with it’s corporate offices here in Maryland. 
Operating seven locations employing hundreds of people over nearly 70 years Hohne built, maintained, renovated and has serviced swimming pools and spas in four countries and ten states. 

Pool Building Innovation

Hohne Pools – Middle River, Maryland 

Innovation is a hallmark at Hohne Pools. Brought to the swimming pool industry in the 1970’s by BioGuard, Hohne introduced computerized pool water analysis to Maryland swimming pool owners. Making quick calculations for the quantities of chemicals needed to balance pool water, it was known as the Tower of Power and as the authority in pool water chemistry. 

In the 1980’s Hohne advanced gunite pool building in the region with new interior pool surfaces that included quartz, pebble and glass. Hohne led the way again with automation that included salt sanitizing systems in its pools creating easier care and  lowering the cost of operation. In-floor cleaning systems were introduced then as well eliminating the need for regular hand vacuuming and automatic pool cleaners.

Today, Hohne introduces the PVC Membrane pool interior finish bringing back the longevity and beauty residential pool owners deserve for their pool finishes all over the area.

Since 1954

Hohne Pools – Glen Burnie, Maryland 

Almost 70 years ago, the year color TV was invented, the Baltimore Orioles was founded and Burger King came on the scene Hohne Pools was one of the first vinyl liner inground pool builders in the world. The company led the way and literally started the vinyl pool building industry in Maryland.

Edison, New Jersey – Pictured: model with builder vinyl pool kit

Cascade Industries was located in Edison, NJ. The company invented the vinyl liner pool and supplied their brand, Buster Crabbe Pools, to Hohne Pools in 1954.
Immediately improving pool building techniques for easier maintenance Hohne introduced automatic through-wall skimmers with a collection basket to its vinyl pools verses the standard “Lilly pad” floating skimmer available at the time. Technology has come a long way since then!

Pool Builder with Pride in Results

Hohne Pools – Overlee Swim Club Arlington, Virginia 

Residential and Commercial Pools
As one of the largest commercial and institutional builders in the area Hohne incorporated technology into pools like salt chlorine generation and ultra-violet ozone (UVO).  Those technologies helped homeowners, YMCA’s, hotels, universities, embassies, camps, apartments complexes, even floating pools for yacht clubs assure owners their pools to be safe and crystal clear for a perfect summer season. 

Advancing new building techniques that created pools lasting a lifetime has always been the priority. Filtration and circulation systems were always carefully designed to allow for much easier maintenance. 

Still a leader, while others build the ordinary, Hohne engineers design pools to last longer with ease of operation and less maintenance. Thoughtful simplicity in design assures trouble free service for decades while producing efficiency and ease of care.

It’s not just about variable speed pumps. Circulation, skimming and filtration systems should work in harmony, not against each other. Cost of operation aspects are examined, still today. Pumps, circulation, filtration, cleaning and sanitation all are carefully crafted to be certain every Hohne pool operates from an efficiency standard of the absolute lowest cost while delivering top performance and safety. 

customer care pool service

Hohne Pools – Nottingham, Maryland 

Every Hohne Pool is built or renovated with precision to be perfect. That mantra started in 1954 with L. C. Hohne our founder and mentor. It continues today. Our team builds or remodels your pool as if it was their own. Every detail is perfect.

Quality customer service is a mandate as well. You deserve not only a quality well designed product but excellent communication and safe customer care as well! Hohne Pools delivers!

While others fall short we are well known as the very best in customer service, we don’t rest on our laurels. We continually embrace technology helping to streamline our services to communicate and update directly, quickly and efficiently with our clients. Customers call, we answer. 

Maryland Pool Builder since 1954

At Hohne we believe building durability and automation into pools is still evolving everyday. Pools should be made to enjoy and that’s exactly what we aim to do. Pools should be built to be trouble free and easy to care for. They should last a family’s lifetime.

Count on Hohne Pools to create a beautiful swimming pool environment for your family that will be easy to care for with lasting durability that you should expect. 

Nationally recognized as one of the top 100 rated pool professionals in America!