Hohne Pools, Since 1954 has specialized in major swimming pool reconstruction as well as pool refinishing and decking replacement.  Our team has experience and the know how for completing pool remodels of all types. See below for examples of how to update your pool to meet your personal design style or take a look at our Pool Image Gallery to see additional Hohne Pools swimming pool remodeling projects.

Tile and Coping-

atural honed or tumbled, stone, coping is smooth and available in light and dark colors. While lighter shades are cool to the touch, darker colors can look great. Both will add a very updated feel to any pool. Bullnose brick is also a great choice for comfortable coping allowing a lower budget. It’s available in a dozen colors. Deep hued Burgundy can give a dramatic effect while most popular is Cobblestone Gray and Autumn Leaves having varied red and brown hues.

Adding step and bench trim tile can enhance the project while making it easier to see the step edge or riser. No matter your preference, our team will install the perfect pool finishes for your taste and budget.

pool steps renovation


Interior pool finishes today are available with quartz, pebble and even glass beads in the plaster mix. When adding dye colors your pool will become uniquely yours. Using pebble and glass bead creates exciting light refraction from the sun making a dazzling brilliant look.

Not only can our team help you decide, but we can train for perfect pool care assuring the longevity you should expect.


So often we see improper maintenance including no or degraded caulking between the concrete deck and pool coping. This joint should be regularly inspected, repaired and replaced whenever replacing the coping. It protects the coping and tile from freeze damage. The perfect time to inspect for damage is August to allow plenty of time for repair before Fall. Today there are a variety of beautiful colors to finish while enhancing the project.

Equipment, Salt Water Sanitizing and Ultra Violet Ozone-

Keeping the swimming pool and spa water crystal clear and safe to swim in is so easy with the right knowledge and equipment. Hohne Pools can explain how the latest equipment will make pool care easier than ever before.

The latest technology in filters are a hybrid cartridge and diatomaceous earth (DE). The upgraded cartridges enables quick easy cleaning with more space between pleats than a typical cartridge filter while the DE gives the filtering ability of the finest particle size. The water has virtually no particulates to be seen, even with the underwater light!
A saltwater pool with an ultra violet ozone system (UVO) will provide the safest, most comfortable water to swim in. Enjoy the easiest maintenance with the lowest cost of operation too!

Underwater Lighting-

Underwater pool lighting now utilizes LED technology. This means not only will the lights transfer brighter more vivid color into the pool water, but are completely safe. They operate from safe low 12-volt.

Swimming Pool Renovation and Remodeling by Hohne Pools

When you call Hohne, you’ll talk to a pool remodeling expert who’s team of highly skilled technicians and masons provide and install the finest materials available for your project.

Choose from custom coping, tile, interiors, lighting and equipment options to build your perfect pool.

Hiring an experienced contractor with extraordinary capabilities is the best way to get everything you want out of your swimming pool remodeling project.

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