Commercial Pool Maintenance

Hohne Pools provides commercial pool maintenance services to hotels, municipal pools, country clubs, apartment complexes, schools, colleges/universities and other large pool operators.

We offer professional quality pool maintenance at competitive rates. Contact us at 410.668.1300 for information on commercial pool maintenance costs or to request a quote. 

Our commercial pool care services include:

Commercial Pool Opening

  • Re-installation of all plugs, guards and fittings
  • All parts will have appropriate sealants to ensure no leakage
  • Sand filters inspected and the owner will be advised of condition
  • Chlorinators re-installed and tested
  • Filtration system will be flooded and started
  • All filtration and mechanical systems checked for leaks, pressure and flow
  • All pool equipment (guard chairs, diving boards, ladders, etc.) will be re-installed
  • Winterization plugs pulled
  • Skimmer fittings and returns will be re-installed
  • Pool water tested.  Owner’s chemicals used to begin pool stabilization process

Pool Surface Acid Wash

  • All the water pumped from the pool to the appropriate location
  • Debris piled or disposed of as requested
  • Wash pool surface with a solution of muriatic acid and water. Rinse thoroughly and discharge appropriately
  • On plaster finish pools, chlorine used to maintain plaster’s integrity
  • All winterization plugs pulled; skimmers and returns washed out
  • Stains that do not come off with muriatic acid will be considered part of the finish

Commercial Pool Closing

  • Remove all skimmers and return fittingsLowering of pool water to winterization level
  • Apply compressed air to entire pool filtration system
  • Blow and cap all plumbing lines to pool
  • Remove all filtration plugs for drainage
  • Remove ladders and diving boards

Commercial Pool Winter Maintenance

  • Check water level and adjust if needed
  • Check winter plugs (re-blow lines if needed)
  • Check all filter equipment to be safe and free of water
  • Monitor and adjust chemical levels to keep plaster safe (does not include chemicals)
  • Check and adjust tension of cover (if applicable)