Considerations to Make before the designs of Your luxury swimming pool

The stunning luxury swimming pool designs can give you ideas for creating your ultimate backyard oasis. With the latest modifications of pool design, luxury spa, landscaping, lighting, and water features, and much more; you can add an extra beauty and serenity to the ambience of your venue. But after installation of the pool what comes next is its proper maintenance.

While choosing the right option for commercial pool repair, renovation and maintenance

• It is highly preferable to rightly select the efficient pool designer. They should be well supported with highly qualified and experienced professionals. Then working with them will prove cost effective, because they can provide you with technical advice on all aspects of pool repair and renovation apart from installation and designing.

For commercial pool repairs and renovations, this Maryland based company can provide flawless service. When the pool is managed properly, swimming pools have natural crystal-clear water. They stand unique for not using chemicals to maintain because they have processes like self-cleaning mini-ecosystems. This natural pools designer says their technologically advanced systems have lower maintenance costs than conventional methods, and even its installation costs are not much more than standard designs. They are determined to provide its clients with an enthusiastic and cost effective service without compromising with the quality of products and service.

The luxury pool will actually add a captivating sight at the backyard of your home or any other commercial venue. You may experience an amazing feeling sitting by its side imbibing its purity, calmness and coolness.

So, if you are looking for best and most reliable commercial pool designer and contractors then none can be better than this company. They are truly efficient in serving clients rightly as per their requirement and fascination.

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Benefits of Exercising in Swimming Pool

• Are you searching for the most efficient way to keep yourself fit with exercises? Then you may surely try exercising in the Swimming Pool. It is because it has immense benefits in it.

• It is often found that due to hectic and busy schedule find it difficult to get time to go to the fitness centers. Thus, this convenient way to exercise in water is truly agreeable because in a way you can spend your leisure time by relaxing, rejuvenating and exercising in water.

The fitness regime will help you to rejuvenate yourself and activate your health potential. It is very effective as stress reducer. This water ballad and other exercises are usually executed through different dynamic postures and hand gestures. You can endow you with tranquility, peace of mind and fit body which can help you to deal with daily life strain. It immensely helps people to possess control over mind and body.

Apart from increasing your body flexibility, core muscular strength, and maintaining calmness in mind and body; it also helps to improve mental balance, treat insomnia. And thus revitalize your completely.

How the water exercises works in our body and put impact to our health and fitness:

• Deep-water running and aerobics opens up a new opportunity for people of all ages, and varying levels of fitness, the water environment and exercise together is effective and enjoyable.

• Water’s buoyancy virtually eliminates the effects of gravity that creates impact of reduced body weight and greater flexibility.

• With the addition of water fitness equipment, such as buoyancy belt, webbed gloves, floats and foot-ware, resistance is increased to strengthen and tone muscles.

• The unique properties of water enable your heart to work more ably. The hydrostatic pressure of water pushes equally on all body surfaces and helps the heart circulate blood all through the body and then to the heart. It keeps the system steady.

Pool Drain Covers Help Reduce Entrapment Risk

When the five-year-old son of singer Usher Raymond nearly drowned last week after getting stuck in a pool drain, it opened many parents’ eyes to the importance of pool safety.

There were 79 injuries and 12 deaths associated with pool drain entrapment between 1999 and 2009, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

I spoke with WJZ reporter Linh Bui about steps pool owners can take to reduce the risk of pool drain entrapment, such as installing pool drain covers. Video of the interview is below:

Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

The very thing that makes hot tubs wonderful – their warm, soothing temperature – makes them a popular place for bacteria and algae to grow. Thankfully, you can avoid these problems by doing regular hot tub maintenance. In fact, keeping your spa sparkling clean all year long is easier than you may think.

Hot tub maintenance is similar to any kind of home maintenance: Do it often, and the tasks are simple, but let long periods of time pass without doing any, and the amount of work increases exponentially.

Maintenance and cleaning instructions vary among different hot tubs, so it’s always a good idea to check the owner’s manual for specific directions. However, just to get you started, here are some basic maintenance tips for keeping your spa operating at peak performance all year long:

  • Clean those cartridges: When clogged, they reduce your water flow. To avoid this, remove your cartridges each month and hose them down to remove any build up. Then about every three years or so, just replace them with new ones. Pretty simple, right?
  • Out with the old, in with the new. Your filters can’t keep every unwanted particle out of your hot tub, so replacing the water every few months is important for keeping things clean. The amount of usage your spa gets dictates how often the water needs to be changed, but as a general rule you should shoot to do it every three to four months.
  • Chemistry is key. Maintaining the correct chemistry in your hot tub is important for preventing bacteria and algae growth. Consult the owners’ manual to see which chemicals are recommend for use on a regular basis.
  • Don’t forget about the cover. Don’t apply cleaner to the inside of your cover, as it will just contaminate the water once you put it back on. Instead, whenever you notice residue accumulating, wipe it off with a wet rag and then dry thoroughly.

As you can see, hot tub maintenance is pretty simple. With these basic tips under your belt, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a sparkling clean spa all year long.

Helpful Hot Tub Cleaning Tips

The key to enjoying your hot tub is to keep it clean. No one wants to relax in water that’s swimming with algae or infested with bacteria. Plus, if you let your spa get too dirty, you risk developing more intense contamination that’s much harder to handle.

That’s all the bad news. The good news is that cleaning your hot tub isn’t all that complicated, and well-maintained spas require minimal work. In fact, if you clean regularly, you shouldn’t have to worry about any of those problems.

Before you begin your cleaning regimen, it’s important to start by investing in a good water testing kit. You can get one from your local pool supply store or home store. Once you have a kit, you should test your spa water regularly to make sure you have the correct chemical balance. Maintaining this balance is an important key to a clean, healthy hot tub.

Once you’re ready to start cleaning your hot tub, follow this basic regimen to get the best results:

  1. Drain the water.
  2. Clean and sanitize the spa surface using a soft sponge or rag and a non-abrasive cleanser that doesn’t create suds. Your owner’s manual should list a few recommended brands for your specific spa type.
  3. Carefully remove hot tub pillows and clean them with a mild solution of water and soap. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly to remove all the soap residue.
  4. Remove your hot tub lid, hose it off to remove debris, and scrub all surfaces with a very mild solution (think about 1 tsp. of soap to 3 gallons of water). Be sure to thoroughly rinse the lid, and pat it dry.
  5. Remove filters and hose them off to remove any built-up debris and dirt.
  6. Wipe down the outside cabinet of your hot tub and spray it with a mild solution similar to that used in step #4.

How often you do this hot tub cleaning regimen varies based on how many people use it on a regular basis. If it’s heavily used, once a month is probably good. If you use it more sporadically, once every two or three months should be fine. Cleaning your hot tub might not be the most enjoyable activity in the world, but doing it regularly ensures that you’ll have a great experience every time you use it.