Beautiful Pool Interior Finishes

Nothing sets the mood of your pool and gives your pool its character like the finish you choose. Whether your desire is a sparkling Mediterranean blue, a soothing deep indigo, or a warm, inviting turqoise, the pool finish gives your pool its aesthetic signature.

Hohne Pools installs in distinctive pool finishes in Maryland, from Bel Air to Bethesda and everywhere in between. Have a look at some of the pool finish materials we install.

Prefer another finish? Let us know! We’ll work with you to create the pool of your dreams.

Plaster Pool Finishes-

Plaster also known as marbelite or white coat is a high-grade white cement mixed with marble dust for a brilliant white interior finish for gunite and concrete pool surfaces. It can be mixed with dye to produce a gorgeous color for your pool.

Pebble and Glass Bead Pool Finishes-

Luxurious. Distinctive. Mesmerizing. Pebble Pool Finishes create an enchanting atmosphere in your swimming pool. They combine durability with beauty for a pool finish that looks good and lasts long.

Diamond Bright Quartz-

Diamond Bright pool finishes are created by blending quartz aggregates and fortified white Portland cement. With a variety of colors and textures available, Diamond Brite pool finish is ideal for new pool finishes or refinishing a poo. All Diamond Brite™ finishes are factory blended. Your pool will be a true original with superior durability. These finishes blend beauty and durability for a breath-taking pool finish. The broad range of colors offers you versatility and variety. The color of quartz pool finish aggregate is an upgrade that you’ll love for your pool!

Diamond Brilliance-

Diamond Brillance  pebble and glass bead finishes will transform an ordinary swimming pool into a masterpiece of aquatic design. Add a sparkle to any pool with a rich lustre that mesmerizes day or night. Made with a pebble, glass bead and enhanced Portland cement, Diamond Brilliance assortment of colors and textures means the sky’s the limit when choosing your pool finish.