Many residents of Aberdeen have a fascination for swimming pools. The most chosen pool builder Aberdeen is Hohne Pools. This company was established in 1954 by Leroy “C” Hohne. Since the last 60 years Hohne Pools has become the primary choice of most of the customers in Aberdeen. Hohne Pools, providing homeowners in Aberdeen, has the skill and knowledge about how to design the most unique pools and manage any kind of pool repair work.

The main goal of Hohne Pools is to deliver the best pool services and exceed the customer expectations. We focus our complete team ensuring quality. We believe in making customer satisfaction our main priority. We offer a wide array of pool building services and some of them are described below:

Pool Construction –

Under this the customers can avail pool services like layout & design, permit processing, grade requirements, retaining walls, consulting & engineering services, landscaping & fencing, ponds and many others.

Pool Renovation –

Tile and coping, renovating concrete pools, replastering, decking and patio replacement, plumbing repairs, concrete & wood deck replacement, pool covering & maintenance and vinyl liner replacement.

Pool Filtration, Sanitizing & Heating –

Apart from pool design Hohne Pools even provides Pool filtration services in Aberdeen like sanitizing the pool with Just Silk chemicals, chlorine free sanitizing systems, filtration systems, repairing the gas heaters, heat pumps, electric heaters and replace various other damaged pool equipments.

Hohne Pools is even renowned for its customized services like using which the clients can obtain an instant estimate of the pool building costs.