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Pool Service and Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance Service Packages

Hohne Pools offers pool maintenance packages for Maryland pool owners, including pool opening and pool closing services, weekly pool maintenance, pool cleaning, chemicals, pH and chemical balance testing and more.

Our pool maintenance services feature Just Silk pool products and Just Satin spa products.

Complete Open/Complete Close

Our Complete Open is the ultimate pool opening service and our Complete Close package is the ideal pool closing service. This package includes a complete pool system start-up or winter pool closing, including FreezeSafe, X-pert water analysis, Just Silk start-up, pool winterizing chemicals and cleaning of coping and decks.

Total Care Package – Mini

The Total Care Package – Mini includes everything included in the Complete Open package, PLUS a 1-week pool service and FREE pool chemical delivery and Start-Up Just Silk pool chemicals.

Total Care Package – Max

This is the ultimate pool care package! Totla Care Package Max includes four weeks of pool service, skimming and vacuuming, FREE pool chemical delivery, Start-Up Just Silk pool chemicals, and a mesh pool cover. This package also includes a FREE pool pump cover – a $100 value.

Xpert Balance

Pool water testing is critical to the health of your pool. The Xpert Balance package is the right choice for checking your pool chemical levels. Our XPert Balance package includes on-site testing of TA levels, pH, CH, Stabilizer, metals and total dissolved solids. We’ll balance your pool water to ensure everything’s at the right level.

Total Care Package Original

This is the ultimate pool care and pool maintenance package! Total Care includes the pool opening and pool closing services of Complete Open and Complete Close, plus 14 weeks of total pool maintenance. All Just Silk chemicals are included, along with our Xpert Balance package. You’ll receive total pool care from Memorial Day through Labor Day, as well as five service calls to use “as needed.” This pool service package has a $4,195 value, but we’re offering it at just $3,679 for a limited time.

Scrub & Kleen

Pool cleaning done right – that’s what Scrub & Kleen offers you. We’ll drain your swimming pool, brush and clean pool walls and floor, and remove debris. The Scrub & Kleen package restores your pool to a fresh, invigorating luster – perfect for old pools, opening a pool for summer, or preparing your pool for winter.

Pool Service/Pool Maintenance Request

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