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Pool Renovation & Remodeling

Your pool may be showing signs of age. Maybe the tile and coping is coming loose. Maybe you’re interested in updating to today’s tile and coping styles. Maybe you would like the pool to be shallower and add new concrete, stone or brick decking. If  you’re looking to bring your pool back to that beautiful luster it once had, the Maryland pool renovation and restoration experts at Hohne can help. We can even redesign your backyard to fit the lifestyle you now live.

As one of the  oldest  and most respected pool builders in Maryland, you’ll know you’re getting quality and reliability that you can count on from an established and professional pool restoration company like ours.

Save Money: Pool Renovation Gives Your Swimming Pool New Life

With today’s technologies your pool can be more energy efficient than ever. New innovations like salt generation or backwash-free filtration will actually save you money, save you time and make pool care easier while adding value to your home. There are so many new options are available to you since you originally built your pool.

Most major pool renovations take only a few days — not weeks! Tile, decking, pool surface, coping, equipment and water features can be updated very quickly.

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Common Pool Restoration Questions

Should I REPLACE my POOL tile or coping style?

Coping is the concrete, stone, or aluminum material that tops off the wall of the swimming pool. Although coping is designed for durability, it can take a beating. Signs of pool coping damage include loose stones, cracks, and crumbling joints.

If your pool exhibits any of these signs, the damage can grow beyond repair, and may even be hazardous for swimmers. Replacing pool coping style can enhance the safety of your pool, while preventing potential hazards.

How can I prevent further damage?

The growth of technology has benefited multiple industries, and the swimming pool industry is one of them. With more efficient filtration systems and automatic cleaning devices, your swimming pool can come with fewer personal responsibilities and a longer, more durable lifespan. Ask one of our pool restoration experts about some of the latest innovations we can offer to prevent damage and limit owner inconvenience.

Can I make my pool shallower?

A recent trend among homeowners is to remove diving boards and make the pool shallower toward the diving end. This is often a safe choice, since older pools likely don’t meet today’s modern building safety standards.

A depth renovation will depend largely on the material from which the pool is made. However, a typical project will chip out the floors to relocate drains, and then compact an aggregate base of crushed rock. From there, the old shell is then connected to the new area by a steel grid. Finally, the pool undergoes complete resurfacing before unveiling the finished product.

How can I improve the function and style of my pool?

A lot of homeowners know that their pool needs work, but don’t know exactly where to start. Depending on the amount of wear affecting your pool, a professional from our company might suggest new concrete, stone, or brick decking to better resist the unique environment of your backyard. For example, stone as opposed to concrete might best serve regions with high levels of humidity, since this material is less porous and therefore less susceptible to damage.

Renovations might also be necessary to improve the style of your pool, since landscaping updates and backyard redesigning can all have an influence on how well your pool fits in with its surroundings. Our experts can offer customized styling advice, while also ensuring a practical application of your this design given your unique needs.

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