Planning to revamp your swimming pool? Dreaming of a renovating structure that would completely reward your pool with an overall uplift in its visual appeal?

A visually flawless and technologically upgraded pool is what everyone desires to flaunt off. Everyone wishes to attain the perfection but not everyone can achieve the desired. One wishes to have a beautiful and attractive pool forever but over the years it starts showing signs of age and becomes an eyesore. To mold it the way it was as attractive when new and in a sequence with newer upgraded technology, Hohne Pools brings to you an array of services that would restore your pool with a lustrous landscape and redeem it to a way you never saw before.


Remodeling Pool – Endowing your pool with an aura of freshness

With fast growing technology, your pool can be decked into a more attractive one. Although, the idea of revamping your swimming oasis seems out to be a little daunting but no matter how degraded your pool features be, Hohne assures to bring valuable and reasonable means to cover your pool requirements to build it into a more attractive one. A pool, more energy efficient and attractive can be brought back updated with various other striking features.

Revamping your pool into a more striking one consume only a few days of yours to update into a more pleasing one. Located in Lutherville, our fast and proficient services are ready to bestow your pools with more striking features. Decking, transforming the landscape, water feature enhancements, coping are some features that can be updated very quickly.


Sample this:

Natural Stone Coping:

Be calm and concise to choose coping material for your pool or we may help you out with this. Patios and stone or aluminum coping brings an outstanding style and a striking aura to your outdoor.

You may also replace your old and damaged coping materials with new and striking ones transforming its visual to a more refreshing and enhanced one.

Making your pool shallower:

People generally wish to revamp their pool into a shallower one towards their diving end. This kind of renovation focuses on resurfacing the pool by deepening it keeping in mind the material that was used while building the pool. This overall resurfaces the pool making it shallow and worth admiring.

Preventing your pool from further damage:

There are several filtration and automatic cleaning techniques that help your pool restrain from dry and damage. Ask our professionals and we would endow you with several useful techniques that would help you save your pool from further damage.